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輔助說明 - 維護模式中



  1. 設定實作作業的規格和要求 若把作業要求分解成幾個評鑑要素(規準), 會使得評鑑作業過程較少主觀性,並讓學生清楚理解作業的要求。 教師的腳色是要負責設定評鑑要素(規準),並依此製作評分表。

    在評鑑要素設定之後,教師要提交一 Word 文件或 HTML 檔,說明學生要做的作業或工作。 這檔案要在第二階段顯示給學生看。

    Teachers can, if they wish, prepare a set of similar exercise, again as Word Documents or HTML files, and upload those into the Exercise. Note that these exercises must be quite similar as the same Assessment Form is used for all of these variants. The submission of a multiple set of exercises by the teacher is optional and for certain assignments may not be appropriate.

  2. 允許學生評鑑和提交作業The assignment is now opened to the students. If the teacher has set up multiple exercises then the students see different exercises, otherwise all the students see the same exercise.

    Before the students can submit their work they must complete the assessment form. Once they have completed the assessment they are shown the upload form. The students can revise their work in the light of their self assessment.

    Once student work has been submitted the teacher can begin assessing it. The link "Student Submissions for Assessment" displays a page showing those pieces of work which have not been assessed. The oldest submission is at the top of the page. The assessment form for each of these submissions is initially based on the student's own assessment of their work. The teacher can change those assessments and add any comments. At the end of the two buttons let the teacher decide whether the student can re-submit the work or not.

    If the teacher has decided to allow the student to re-submit and they have done so, the teacher is how the new piece of work. In this case the assessment form will contain the teacher's old assessment. The same option, re-submit or not, allows the teacher to control this cycle of re-submission and assessment. If students are allowed to put in multiple pieces of work into the Exercise, the teacher should decide whether the final grades are based on the student's maximum grade or their average grade over the set of submissions. This option can be changed at any time during the Exercise by updating the Exercise, it's effect is seen immediately in the Grade page.

    When the assignment's deadline is reached a student can submit or re-submit work. The work is flagged as "late". The work appears in the list of work to be assessed and the teacher can, if desired, assess the work in the normal way. In the various lists of pieces of work the submission date is shown as red (and in the list of work to be marked the period since submission is also shown in red). If graded, the grade of late work is shown in red and in brackets. Such grades are not used in the calculation of final grades and are not counted in the Grades pages. The teacher can clear the late flag by going into in the Administration page and clicking on the appropriate link. The work will then be used in the calculation of the final grade.

  3. 顯示整體分數和作品排名表在實作作業的最後階段,學生可以看到他們的 "最後"分數。除了在第一階段之外,學生都可看到分數,不過都只是部分分數。

    在最後階段,學生不能再提交作業。事實上提交功能已經關閉,而教師可以選擇是否顯示 學生提交的優秀作品...

    可以對師生顯示學生優秀作業的"排名表"。These are listed in order of grade, the top submission is first. Here the grade given to the submission is teacher's grade. If a student submitted more than one piece of work only their best piece of work is shown in this table. If the number of entries in the table is set to zero then this table is not displayed.

The student's grade for the Exercise is the sum of their grading grade of their (initial) assessment and the grade for their submission(s). The maximum values for these grades are given when the Exercise are set up. However, these maximum values can be changed (by updating the Exercise) at any time during the exercise and the grades shown both the students and the teacher always reflect the current maximum values.

At any phase of the assignment the teacher can open the "Administration" page. It lists the students' assessments (of their own work) and the submissions of the students. The teacher can use this page to assess and re-assess submissions, re-grade assessments, delete submissions and assessments, and generally watch the progress of the assignment.

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